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Green Babies

Choosing the right breeder is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make as a pet owner. So, why us? What makes us so flocking different? 

More Bang for Your Buck


Don't purchase a bird from a breeder or pet store that doesn't offer a health guarantee!

Not every breeding program is the same so be sure to ask important questions as you shop around! We are one of the only breeders in the state that includes both individualized leg banding as well as DNA confirmation in price of your baby. Your new best friend will also come with a 72 Hour Health Guarantee, a Hatch Date Certificate, a Flock Unibirdsity Diploma and a swag bag full of treats and toys (and unlike most breeders around town, we don't stick you with paying additional handling fees when you use your PayPal or credit card online).

Simply Higher Standards

We understand you aren't just getting a new pet, you're investing in a life long companion. And we wholeheartedly believe happy birds make happy birds. So, we fly a little higher than most when it comes to quality. Ask anyone who knows us. We dedicate each and every day spoiling every single one of our birds completely rotten.

We hatch each and every one of our special  babies at the Bayou City Birds aviary and raise them at our Flock Unibirdsity nursery under our direct care. We do NOT sell babies from other breeders. We keep copious genetic records of your baby and their parents. This allows us to avoid cross-breeding related bloodlines and in some cases, streamline the DNA confirmation process. For the safety, security and well-being of our birds, we run a "closed" aviary and do not allow visitors inside. This reduces the threat of dangerous bacteria that could otherwise harm our newborns. 

From there, infrastructure, environment and diet become our next priority. We start with over-sized, commercial grade breeding cages from Mcage. Quakers LOVE to bathe so we mount each cage with a see-through bird bath from Kintor (think infinity pool, but for parrots). Every cage is then adorned with a variety of different handmade bird toys, swings and perches.


Your breeder should be able to provide you with basic genetic and historical data on your baby as well as their family tree! Questions regarding hatch dates, clutch sizes, bloodlines and BOTH genotype and phenotype color mutations should be easily adressed. A competent and caring breeder knows their birds! Period!

Fun Fact: There are nearly 400 different kinds of parrots, but only Quakers build nests in the wild. In fact, they build extravagant, multi-chambered, multi-purpose dwellings to call home.

Our hand-crafted, custom nesting boxes are built on site and offer our breeders a two story starter home with a view. We line the homes with Thoroughbed brand pine shavings and attach a wire front porch to encourage nestingQuakers LOVE to build, so stocking your baby's cage with a variety of different building materials will help to mimic their natural environment in the wild, making them feel right at home. You can't go wrong with straws, pine-cones or tamale husks! Nesting also helps to challenge their balancing and coordination skills while stimulating their mind.

Our breeders' diet consists of Roudybush High Energy Breeder pellets, and fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Their fruit and veggie medley mix is seasonally based and hand-prepared fresh each morning. The crowd favorites around here are squash, cucumber, zucchini, bell pepper, corn on the cob, green beans, yams, cabbage, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, grapes, cabbage, peas and beans. We provide sprays of millet and Volkman Avian Super Science Seed for Hookbills as treats. 


We begin hand-feeding our hatchlings between the ages of 14-21 days old, using Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding High Fat formula. We then slowly introduce Roudybush Daily Maintenance mini pellets into their diets, in addition to the same fruit and veggie medley mix and seed/millet treats as their parents. We make our special babies forage for the seed on a grass mat to encourage social interaction and brain development. Adequate flight time is critical to your baby's health and overall well-being. We're talking about birds, after all! It is imperative for the proper development of the breastbone and affects their balance, coordination, strength and brain function. Therefore, our babies spend the majority of each and every day free-flying throughout our indoor nursery, bathing in bird baths, foraging for seed, swinging from handmade toys and swings and singing and dancing to music. At night, they are housed in over-sized flight cages with toys, ropes and perches specifically designed to strengthen their muscles and improve their balance. Our babies grow up together so they are used to being around other birds (this is helpful when you already have a bird or two at home). They also receive several hours of human interaction each day throughout the weaning process, learning how to give kisses and follow commands. We clip wings just before release, making the bonding time at their forever home easier for everybirdy involved (their flight feathers will grow back during their first molt, if you want your baby to be an adult flyer). 


Check out pics of our beautiful boxes, handmade toys and funniest front porches below! 

Our babies are Flocking Fabulous! 

Typical Day on Campus #001

Typical Day on Campus #001

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